Fit By Five Preschool and Summer Camp in Westlake, Ohio.

Perky Kids Toddler Class:

Typical Ages: 24 to 36 months only
DuRation: 90 minutes
Ratio: 5:1
Class Maximum: 15 toddlers with 3 teachers

A fun 90 minute play program just for two year olds! Perky Kids is less structured than Preschool, but is not a parent-tot class. You are encouraged to leave so that your child can adjust to a new situation and develop independence. Your child does not have to be potty trained to participate in Perky Kids. We primarily have four objectives in this program:

  1. Cognitive - Learn to recognize and identify letters of the alphabet, colors, shapes and numbers.
  2. Physical - Develop physical skills by doing simple rhythmic and sports activities.
  3. Social - Being active and having fun with other children their own age.
  4. Independence - To do this without Mom or Dad.

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