Fit By Five Preschool and Summer Camp in Westlake, Ohio.

Pre-K Plus Classes *Enrichment* :

Typical Ages: 4 - 5
Duration: 3 hours - 2 days per week
Ratio: 1:7
Class Maximum: 21 children with 3 teachers

We love getting children ready for kindergarten. It's our mission. With the addition of a 4th and 5th day of Pre-K, we will focus on the further development of your child's natural talents and gifts - in 3 major areas:

  1. Thinking skills (I.Q.)
  2. Motor skills
  3. Emotional skills

This class will integrate academic concepts and maturity issues, with coordination skills - which is what Fit By Five was founded on. Children enrolled at other area Pre-K programs are welcome as well, to add extra classroom time with us.

A major theme in class will be the further development of thinking skills. Thinking skills are the ones needed to be able to learn anything, at any time. Subject matter in kindergarten and beyond, will vary, but thinking skills never change. Skills like logic and reasoning show young children "how to think". What follows is more self confidence - i.e. in the ability to think through problems and discover solutions - especially in math and science.

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